About VBBS


About VBBS

Vietnamese British Bilingual School (VBBS)

Vietnamese British Bilingual School system - VBBS is a kindergarten system with the education orientation of international standards. VBBS aims to bring an ideal learning environment and a solid foundation for the children to develop comprehensively in the spirits of Confidence - Independence – Self-Awareness right from the first years of life.

Focus on the proactive interaction and confidence of the children

At VBBS, we always focus on the proactive interaction and confidence in every learning activity of the children. We organize many interesting festival activities, and exciting events focusing on each individual child; as well as help them step by step develop the proactive spirits in self-training through experiencing the unique topics at school.

The advanced education system:

With the goal of delivering an advanced education system, VBBS never ceases completing facilities and researching the innovation in order to improve the quality of the training program. We wish to optimize the teaching activities, and bring the children the opportunities in learning and integrating into the global education systems in their future learning journeys.

Our motto is: “ Understanding children like a mother does- Caring for children as our own offspring”.

VBBS highly promotes the enthusiasm in parenting and the love of the children. The teachers always observe every activity and the children's development at school with the motto: “Understanding children like a mother does- Caring for children as our own offspring”.

Vision & Mission

Our vision:

We are accomplising the Vietnam’s top kindergarten system with the training program associating with the quintescence of the world's top education systems as well as ensuring the purity of Vietnamese cultural activities. We have a proactive education environment, along with the modern and standardized facilities.

Our mission:

We deliver a safe, creative learning environment; respect the differences between the children in order for them to have every condition to fully develop their physical factors to stimulate their abilities of proactive interactions, personal thinking and intellectual enrichment, as well as to possess good life skills and well-developed personality, which create a solid foundation for nurturing the future global citizen generations.

Core Values


Behave properly and show respectful attitude toward what you do.


Honor and preserve the dignity of ourselves, of others and of the school’s educational environment.


Try to understand, treasure the feelings and behaviors of others.


Put effort into working together to the reach the most common goals and objectives.


Always show the optimistic attitude, build a solid education future together.


Create a happy and full-of-belief environment together.

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