Globally in the curriculum at VBBS

Globality is the most prominent feature of the curriculum at Viet Anh Kindergarten.

Training standard framework is drawn from the elite of the world's top education and the Ministry of Education and Training. Ensuring your child learns and lives in the most comprehensive environment, with the skills and confidence of global citizens.

The learning content at the school is designed to ensure sustainable development of thinking, physicality and holistic personality for future preschool generations.

10 Experience Fields

Developing English ability

Learning more languages is also a way to stimulate children's creativity and flexibility in solving problems. The preschool stage is the most convenient period to be able to simultaneously learn two languages and be fluent like native speakers.

Develop emotional language

Children's emotions are built on learning from the actions of people they regularly interact with. The development of social emotions in preschoolers has a strong relationship with the personality of children when growing up.

Language development

Language is the main tool for children to establish and maintain relationships with friends and people around them.

Cognitive development

Preschools are a fundamental environment where children are guided to train their ability to use the brain, from simple through receiving information to thinking in a more organized, flexible and diverse manner.

Develop Reading - Writing skills

Practicing the ability to read and write for preschool children plays a role in laying the foundations for the development of later children's ability to learn.

Develop mathematical ability

Ensuring the development of basic computing skills and stimulating logical thinking for children through simple exercises, appropriate to the capacity of each child.

Develop scientific and technological understanding

At preschool age, children often go to school with lots of questions about the world around them. Creating regular contact with nature and hands-on experience will help children develop their scientific and technological knowledge, which is a prerequisite for their development of thinking ability.

Develop social awareness capacity

Developing social cognitive capacity is the foundation of sociology, helping children practice the ability to acquire, recognize and have positive behaviors for the surrounding environment.

Creative development through art

Music, painting, fashion design, drama, dance, etc. stimulate the creativity of preschool children and stimulate children to express their ideas and thoughts independently and full of newness.

Physical improve

Physical development is intimately linked to the emotional development - social and achievement of each individual. Physical education in early classrooms contributes positively to healthy brain development and children's health.

Beginning in VBBS

"Beginning in VBBS" is a separate integration program for children newly enrolled at the school. During the first 4 weeks, the school establishes a Classroom Standard of Care, special education, which helps children gradually adjust to a new environment and formulate small rules, in conduct at Class with teachers, friends and the people around them.


English using Reading Eggs curriculum is a comprehensive English learning program for children aged 02 to 16 years old developed by 3P Learning and Blake Learning – two leading training institutions in Australia for children’s education. Reading Eggs builds learning activities through Ipad to develop children’s self-study ability and confidence in English communication in various aspects.

Listening and recognizing different sounds in English (phonics); identify each sound in a word

Look at words, phrases and stories and read aloud in a standard native accent (British - American accent)

Developing rich vocabulary for children: children will know the words, sounds that make up words, understand vocabulary meanings through pictures, apply vocabulary to sentences.

Learn grammar naturally through vivid stories and exercises

Form proficiency in reading and listening skills: read aloud with stories, understand words and meanings of stories.

Develop skills to understand, reason and predict the evolution of a natural story like a native.

Experience Every Month

VBBS running the show

In the spirit of educating children “Confident – Independent – Self – aware” – VBBS always pays attention to building positive playgrounds for children through unique experiences and events based on the theme of learning each month. Each program organized is highly creative, focusing on confidence and flexibility to increase the active interaction in each individual child.

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