The balanced learning space at VBBS

Vietnamese British Bilingual School

The space has a huge impact on the psychology and the development process of the children at kindergarten age. Therefore, VBBS has created a Balanced Learning Environment that ensures safety – amenities – standards and originality to increase excitement. Through real-life experiences in the open-air outdoor space, the children can actively collect knowledge in the most natural and effective way, which stimulates holistic the holistic development of thinking, physical and foreign language skills by learning with the iPads and English native teachers, in the library and the themed rooms.

All of these create a VBBS family that always maximizes educational activities and ensures the sustainable progress of the children in the future.


Health care Process

When coming to VBBS, the children will be assisted to establish the medical records to check and monitor their health, and periodic physical development statuses.


The menu abides The Nutrition Standards of hygiene and food safety by the Department of Health. The VBBS focuses on setting up an appropriate schedule, which helps the children have moderate diets and practice the healthy habits. After that, we support the education for the good lifestyles aiming to the long-term development of the children.

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