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Q & A

Curently, we have 3 schools in VBBS:

Section 1:

Address: 181/31/12 Binh Thoi Street, Ward 9, District 11, HCM city

Phone number:

Section 2:

Address: 910 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Ward 4, District 11, HCM city

Phone number:

Section 3:

Address: 11-11A 5th Street, Ward 8, District 11, HCM city

Phone number: (028) 66 808 465

Parents can sign up for the children to try and get acquainted with the school for 5 consecutive days. If after 5 trial learning days, your child continues studying at school; tuition will be charged from the day you started the trial.

If your child stops learning after 5 school days, the parents will not have to pay any fees

Class/AgeNumber of student-teacher/class
Orange (12 – 24 months)14-16 students/3 teachers
Yellow (25-36 months)
14-16 students/2 teachers
Green-Purple (3-5 years old)16-18 students/2 teachers

We will accept the children who can walk firmly (from 14 months old), the children will study with others at the same age.

After 5 trial learning days, if our school environment is suitable for your children and you want to register for them to study; tuition will be charged from the day you start the trial.
If your children stop learning after 5 trial learning days, the parents will not have to pay any fees.

When your children study for trial, we will provide every personal item such as: blanket, pillow, bed, cup, and towel. You do not have to prepare anything.

For some exception, your children can bring their familiar items to ensure their comfort in the first time at school.

When the children get on well with the class environment, the teacher will make them to get used to the school items.

We will connect your phones with the camera so that you can observe your children. The cameras will be in the classroom, dinning room and playground where the children often play, you can watch online anytime when your children are at school.

The entire hallway, bathroom and the blind corners will have camera, but the camera in the bathroom will not be online due to the privacy of the children. If you doubt that your children are not safe and want to check the camera in the bathroom, you can come to school to get support.

Our teachers graduated from high school, colleges and universities majoring in preschool, with a clear, complete certificate.

All the teachers have good experience and skill to take good care of the children.

For Foster employees, who have graduated from colleges and universities, are required to complete the class “Parenting teacher”, trained and exchanged expertise regularly.

If someone picks up the children instead of their parents, we will not let him/her do that.

We will actively contact parents to confirm with them about the person picking up the children.

All the foods are imported from the supermarket, with clear incoming invoice, and will be cooked within a day.

The enrollment documents include:

  • Your child’s birth certificate
  • 4 photos 3×4
  • Photo of your household – register or KT3 (with your children’s names), immunizations
  • Photo of your ID and 2 pictures of father, mother or someone who picks up your children instead of you.
  • Your child’s health certificate provided by the school form (certified by the Medical Authority)
  • Fill in the form “STUDENT RECORDS” provided by the school.

Each section was established in different time, with different lay-out and area leading to different tuition fee levels among 3 sections. Besides these reasons, the section with the highest tuition fee level has an advanced English learning program for the children to study on the ground floor.

This tuition includes day-boarder fee and learning fee from Monday to Saturday

The facilities fee is paid once at the beginning of the school year and will not be refunded if the children quit.

If the children are absent less than 15 consecutive days or absent with permission, we will refund the day-boarder fee which is 40.000VND/day.

VBBS is built in international standard orientation, with a balanced curriculum that guarantees a comprehensive development of children’s thinking and constituition. All programs have VBBS’ indentity.

With the English language program with native teachers, the children will learn the active communication methods and learn English on Ipad.

Life Skills and Ordinances

Sport training – Olympic channel

Festivals, events experience – Kids run the show

  • For the children who eat slowly and difficultly, teacher will inspire them by talking or praising to give them motivation.
  • No yelling or making pressure for children in eating time.
  • Teacher will train the children to get used to the food and taste.
  • Changing the form of the meal. For example: in a week, we will train the children to get used to the form of eating with tray, family eating, using chopstick…..
  • If the children vomit, teacher will feed them again after 15-20 minutes.

When the children have health problem, we will directly contact parents to inform the situation. If a child has a fever but parents cannot come to pick up, the medical department will process according to the standard process of each type of disease, and ask the parent’s opinion when necessary.

If the weather is hot, we will turn on the air conditioner for the children. If the weather is cool, we will open the windows to let the wind in. The air conditioner is not good for children’s health, so the teacher is encouraged to restrain.

When we turn on the air conditioner, the temperature is from 26-28 degree.