Understanding the body


Providing basic knowledge about the body for children is one of the basic requirements to be met in the Early Childhood Education Program.

This October, with the theme UNDERSTANDING THE BODY, your baby has the opportunity to learn more about themselves. Preschool classes will learn how to identify and locate parts of their faces through fun games, Kindergartners will try to transform into painters when participating in drawing “My friend’s face painting” . Besides that, FUNNY SCIENCE activities such as Fingerprint test, Tactile test or guessing objects through the game of Tam Sao Furniture help children understand more about their body.

With the role-playing activities, children learn to introduce themselves, their names, gender, daily tasks and family members. From helping children recognize and distinguish the functions of body parts to directly educate how to exercise, keep fit for each age.

Fun learning through experience – Healthy baby, assured mother!