Percussion Instruments Study

Percussion Instruments study

From the early stages of development, children love to make funny sounds from toys and household items. When entering the preschool environment, children become more and more curious and curious about everything around them, especially how to create new and creative sounds. The children listen and play the drum instrument in a familiar song will help them gradually form the first senses of artistic aesthetics. That is also the reason for this March learning topic.

The drum musical department is a good time for children to have fun and practice a wide range of wood, metal and leather drums. Later, children learn about playing the drums and the names of the instruments. At the same time, children learn about the types of sounds and ways to preserve their own drums.

“Sound garden” lessons along with the “Journey to the Sound Kingdom” picnic will provide a great opportunity for children to experience and explore an extremely new and informative musical instrument. Used in European countries. In addition, this topic also helps children gradually cultivate skills and knowledge in computing, technology and the arts.