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With slogan: Clever English - Quick Response

Clever English – Quick Response” is a completely new program of native English experience for children from 3 to 6 years old in Vietnam

The priority of the program is to acquire and promote English as a first language in countries where English is spoken as the first language.

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With the “Clever English – Quick Response” program, your child has the opportunity to develop English speaking and listening skills in the most natural way. This program encourages children to communicate in the environment entirely in English. Native teachers as their “friends” to try to create a learning environment that is like no – learning, no pressure with the criteria “The happier the memory is, the longer it stays” at VBS “Clever English – Quick Response”

the children will actively acquire knowledge and communication skills in both sentence patterns and vocabulary in surrounding life topics about people and objects, things, actions…Through the experience of role – playing, storytelling, teachers and your children will be formed rich vocabulary, strong sentence structure, natural speech and the ability to listen, reflect fluently for future use of foreign languages long term.

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