Musical Exposaure - Dream English Kids

Musical Exposure– Dream English Kids. Imagine that your children will be exposed to English in a playful, colorful language of the children’s songs created by educators in the US, Canada, Australia, Britain, in the spirit of learning but playing, playing but learning. These songs are used as an indoor teaching tool in the primary language classes in native countries. With a choice in the spirit of educational songs, and in accordance with the school’s month-themed learning content, the children will review vocabulary, sentence, life skills (sharing, overcoming fears , self-care,…) and academic skills that have been taught at school through the cheerful colors of the music and English language as the mother tongue.

VBBS belives that with clear values and intensive research methods, undergoing long-term testing, this will be a learning environment that helps your child develop English comprehensively from the beginning first month of life. Contact us if you want to experience the international standard English environment with these exciting promotions in September!

Learning images of babies